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T3DD17: DevOps-Trilogy

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During the T3DD17 I had the chance to present 3 DevOps topics.«Pipeline as Code»«Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.»«Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly»«Pipeline as Code» was my first talk on configuration management, showing the benefits of a file-defined deployment pipelines - e.g. a Jenkinsfile with the "Jenkins 2" CI Server.Implementing these changes allows your pipeline configuration to:be reviewed, forked, iterated upon and auditedSupport complex CI/CD requirementsbe extended through shared librariesYou can find...


First steps with dkdeploy-typo3-cms

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A couple of days ago we at dkd Internet Service GmbH released dkdeploy-typo3-cms as open source. dkdeploy-typo3-cms is a plugin for the Ruby-Gem Capistrano which extends the Rake DSL with methods specifically to run commands on servers. Perfectly suited for remote server automation and deployment.This blogpost will guide you through your first steps on setting up and deploying a TYPO3 CMS Introduction package.For your convenience we created an example project on GitHub you should use to get started unless you consider yourself familiar with Capistrano.We...


T3EE16 – a newbies thoughts


[en] Don't expect this blog-post to be a recap of the talks and events around the TYPO3 Eastern Europe 2016 conference. If that's what you are looking for, you will find plenty of information about this event during the next couple of days on the web. Furthermore a lot of the talks will be available online soon and so will the corresponding slides.What I would like to blog about is related to my thoughts and emotions during my first trip to T3EE.I have never been to the east before, except a short trip to Poland. I also didn't read anything about Romania,...


Coldfront Konferenz 2014

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von Peter FoergerAm 04.09.2014 fand in Kopenhagen zum ersten Mal die Coldfront Konferenz statt. Eine eintägige Frontend-Developer Konferenz, organisiert von Kenneth Auchenberg und Daniel Frost, mit 300 Teilnehmern aus vorwiegend skandinavischen Ländern.Am Vorabend der Konferenz fanden die sogenannte Keyboard-Warrior-Sessions statt, eine Platform für jedermann, um in 15 Minuten Themen aus der Frontend-Welt zu präsentieren.Die Session fanden zusammen mit einem Meetup der Javascript-Usergroup Kopenhagen statt und umfassten interessante Themen wie:...