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Archiv: Blogbeiträge aus März 2018

One Size Fits Many - Anika und Anna bei der Techettes e.V.

 t3quick TYPO3 cms frankfurt am main techettes

Rückblick: Unser Vortrag zum Thema Standardisierung mit dem CMS TYPO3. Anika und Anna stellen t3quick bei den Techettes in Frankfurt am Main vor.

Apache Solr for TYPO3 - What’s next 2018

 apachesolr TYPO3 solr

With the release of EXT:solr 8, EXT:solrfal 5, EXT:solrfluidgrouping 1 and EXT:tika 3 we provided a lot of improvements at the beginning of 2018.At the end of the last year, we asked you, what is important for you for Apache Solr for TYPO3 with a survey (http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3K311n0M0pp)Now we put our heads together and created a draft of our roadmap this year. As always it depends on the financing what we are able to achieve.By now we have the following ideasQ2 - Focus: Maintenance Tools – EXT:solr (8.1.0) maintenance release, EXT:solrfal (5.1.0)...