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TYPO3 Camp France, Nantes

 TYPO3 TYPO3Camp France Nantes development

This blog post describes my visit as President of the TYPO3 Association to the first Barcamp-style event in France. It's Friday morning, around five thirty when I leave the house to go to Frankfurt airport. The sky is blue and the sun is about to rise. The taxi driver is a nice bloke. I walk to the gate to get on onboard the airplane that will fly me to Munich, where I will take the second one to Nantes.As many might know I feel much sympathy for France, as my parents have a French connection. My father is half French and my mother is Swiss from the French-speaking part of...

T3DD17: DevOps-Trilogy

 DevOps trilogy t3dd17 malmö development

During the T3DD17 I had the chance to present 3 DevOps topics: «Pipeline as Code», «Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.», «Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly»

How we keep EXT:solr uptodate with the TYPO3 core

 solr semantic developer malmö extsolr t3dd17 nreach apachesolr

This is a summary of my talk for the TYPO3 developer days in Malmö «How we keep EXT:solr up to date with the TYPO3 core».Our challenge – TYPO3 8 LTS was announced to be released on the 4th April 2017. Our plan and challenge were to release our Apache Solr for TYPO3 extensions 2 days later. There are several side effects that are important for us to keep in mind: The TYPO3 core is moving forwards, especially shortly after the release, EXT:solr is moving also especially before the release, We want to stay compatible to 7.6 while being ready for 8.7, We have several add-ons...

Container Days 2017 - Hamburg

 hamburg Docker awsome cloud development container days container kubernetes amazon cloud

Vom 20. bis 21. Juni 2017 trafen sich bereits zum zweiten Mal die Container-Enthusiasten in Hamburg zur europäischen Container-Konferenz.In diesem Jahr fand das Event im Automuseum Prototyp statt. Eine alte Fabrikhalle im Hafenviertel von Hamburg, die viel Platz für große Gespräche und inspirierende Ideen bietet.Es wurden über 30 Vorträge zu den aktuellen Trends und Tools verschiedener Container-Technologien, Microservices und der nächsten Generation von verteilten Anwendungen gehalten. Weiterhin wurden auch praktische Hands-on Workshops angeboten.Das für Hamburger...

WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris

 WordPress wordcamp easteurope paris woocommerce ecommerce

From 15th June to 17th June 2017 the biggest WordPress event of Europe took place in the beautiful French city of Paris which is famous for its art and of course the Eiffel tower. 1,900 attendees from 79 countries have attended WordCamp Europe. Approximately 1,000 people from 77 countries have seen the livestream. In total 2,900 was the total audience from 92 countries for WordCamp Europe 2017. A team of 45 organizers and 221 volunteers made this event successful. The event was made accessible to as many people of different languages as possible with superfast live...