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Medium-sized businesses rely on TYPO3

As TYPO3 experts we have always somehow suspected that TYPO3 is one of the most popular content management systems among entrepreneurs. But we didn't just want to assume - we wanted to know.

That is why we have examined over 3,500 websites of medium-sized companies in the Rhine-Main area. We tested which content management system they rely on. In cooperation with BVMW-FrankfurtRheinMain (BVMW - Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e.V.) and with the help of WhatCMS. In the analysis we focused on companies with at least 100 employees.

And we should be right with our idea – TYPO3 is market leader among content management systems with medium-sized companies in Germany.

In our analysis, we detected a total of 95 different content management systems. Of these, 86 systems each had a share of less than 1% (= less than 35 entries). More than a third of the systems (36 systems) were used only once. Therefore we have summarised these 86 CMS in the evaluation as "Other". This corresponds to a good 11 % (= 366) of the analysed websites.

But what is much more interesting, nearly 42 % of the URLs analysed have TYPO3 in use. Thus, the content management system TYPO3 has taken the lead well ahead of its competitors.

WordPress follows with 18 % in second place, Adobe Experience Manager with 8 % and Joomla with 7 %. Drupal (5.4%), Contao (4.3%), SiteCore (1.7%), Magento (1.6%) and Weblication (1.2%). All other systems are below our 1 percent hurdle. 

The clarity with which TYPO3 distinguishes itself from the competition was also quite surprising, but not puzzling, as there is simply a lot that speaks for TYPO3:

  • No license costs:
    TYPO3 is an open source software and is therefore absolutely free of license fees. Due to the large developer community, all users benefit from the continuous improvement of the system and thus all extensions and system updates are also available free of charge. Conversely, this also means for you that more of your marketing budget is left over for individualising and adapting your own web project.
  • Individual website design:
    As individual as your company is TYPO3. Thousands of extensions already exist for TYPO3. This ensures that each project can be processed individually.
    Interfaces to external systems, e.g. SAP already exist and desired extensions can be freely programmed at any time.
  • Multilingualism:
    TYPO3 is designed for multilingualism and supports over 30 languages. Your website can be designed and maintained in any number of languages.
  • Multi-domain installation:
    Multi-domain installations are articularly important for companies. With TYPO3 you can easily manage multiple domains in one TYPO3 installation. This way you always have an overview of all your sites.
  • Online Marketing, SEO & Social Media
    TYPO3 provides all the tools to be found in search engines and to provide your fans with new information.
  • Page structure:
    TYPO3 offers a simple page structure, automatically generates menus and directories and thus organizes websites clearly.
  • Planning security:
    The option "Long-Term-Support (LTS) " offers long-term technical support to all companies that value security, stability and performance of their CMS.
    Unlike a commercial content management system, TYPO3 is completely independent of an executing agency. This means complete independence and investment security for your project. Your TYPO3 website is fully relocatable, not only when moving in, but also when moving out.

And these are only some of the many advantages that TYPO3 offers and explains why German medium-sized businesses have been using TYPO3 for many years.

"The German federation of medium-sized businesses (BVMW) with approx. 300 offices in Germany continues to use TYPO3 after their Relaunch with good reason." 

Cornelia Gärtner, BVMW FrankfurtRhineMain

TYPO3 facts
TYPO3 is a license-free content management system for websites. It has been on the market since 1998 and for many years has been considered one of the most secure, powerful and sustainable content management systems (CMS) on the market. More than 500,000 TYPO3 installations worldwide are proof of this.

Due to the open source concept, TYPO3 with its huge community and developer community is always up to date and is constantly being further developed. TYPO3 is also extremely adaptable and particularly well suited to the more complex requirements of medium-sized businesses. That is why many medium-sized companies as well as international corporations have been successfully using TYPO3 for many years.

dkd Internet Service GmbH

dkd Internet Service GmbH is the digital agency in the Rhine-Main area when it comes to TYPO3. This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and have our company headquarters in the heart of Frankfurt am Main.

Just in time for the start of CEBIT 2018 in Hanover, we are proud to announce that our "t3quick - The TYPO3-Quickstarter" has been awarded the "BEST OF" at the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2018 in the category CMS.

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