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Autor: Vineet Talwar

WordCamp New Delhi 2017

WordCamps are the official conferences of WordPress taking place all over the world. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know people in the community. On 19th August 2017, New Delhi, the capital city of India hosted its second WordCamp and first ever "WordCamp Delhi". The first WordCamp in Delhi was held in 2009 and it was called "WordCamp India 2009".


WordCamp Delhi 2017 was a single day event and it was hosted at NDMC Convention Centre, Parliament Street, New Delhi. Colloquially Delhi and New Delhi are used interchangeably to refer to the National Capital Territory of Delhi, these are two distinct entities though, with New Delhi forming a small part of Delhi. The National Capital Region is a much larger entity comprising the entire National Capital Territory of Delhi along with adjoining districts. WordCamp Delhi was a full-day conference with multiple sessions on both technical & business topics related to WordPress.

From dkd, our developer Vineet (@talwar_vineet) attended the conference and delivered a talk on WordPress Migration.


Mascot Of WordCamp Delhi 2017:

WAAPUs are the official mascots for WordCamps. The mascot of WordCamp Delhi was named «DEEPUU"». It depicts the biggest monument of the city *«Qutub Minar» and travel culture of the city. WordCamp Delhi Team defines the Mascot DEEPUU as,

«Delhi is Youth, Delhi is Vitality, Delhi is Democracy, Delhi is Exciting and Delhi is the Power of the People, by the People and for the People. And so is our DEEPUU». Deepuu has a Long Range Global Vision with her shades providing a filter to the negativity and the blazing heat here in Delhi. Deepuu has a baggage full of surprises for all the attendees of the #WCDelhi. Deepuu stands for passion, brotherhood, knowledge for all, unity, diversity, globalization and the energy that the people of Delhi have."

More about the mascot of WordCamp Delhi can be read here.


Mascot of the WordCamp Dehli 2017



Vineet has also supported the event as a volunteer by contributing with other volunteers in preparation of the event.

Here is one of the pictures of the pre-event preparation.

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Conference Day

The event commenced at 8:30 with registrations. The first session of the day was Selling WordPress to Enterprises by Rahul Bansal (@rahul286), Founder of rtCamp.



He mentioned that, «Most Enterprise concerns about WordPress Security are part of general misconception about open-source».

Further, he have defined «Scalability» as, it is not only about traffic or data size, when the business grows, the software needs to scale with workforce & processes.

Later, he talked about integration of WordPress with existing systems. Most of the Enterprises use many systems and migration is not always feasible. So, this gives an immense requirement of getting WordPress working with existing systems to ease up the process. The WordPress REST API is what you need. Then, he explained about extensibility of WordPress with plugins eco-system and how enterprises could benefit from that.

WordPress plugins directory is having 51000+ plugins and still growing. What does that mean for a common user? Simply name a use case and possibly there already exists a plugin for that. Still, if there isn't some plugin for the requirement, you can always write your own plugin thanks to the Plugins API, hooks and actions of WordPress.

For an enterprise normally the cost of the software is often negligible when compared to the negative effect a wrong software can put on an enterprise's overall profit. WordPress being open-source with a huge community, plugins eco-system makes it a strong contender to become the web application CMS for your enterprise application.


Here is a picture by Rahul Bansal at the end of his talk with the audience.


He talked about why your first-time visitors are pretty curious about your product. Your first goal should be to retain them in the first 15 seconds of their visit by providing them a great user experience.

Neither, achieving the trust of your first-time visitors is an easy task nor is it a tedious thing to do. He have coined the term «Four Pillars of Trust».

1. Show them you know them. Your first-time visitors are pretty anxious.
2. Highlight your process.
3. Show that others trust you.
4. Share your story. People want to hear it.

Several studies suggests that the «About page» is the most visited page. According to him, «Trust is a currency and you are not entitled to trust. You got to earn it.» You gotta earn the trust of your users. Specially, when it is the case of e-commerce website. Your website should build the trust factor, then only it could rise up the sales. There are many factors to achieve the trust of the first-time visitor. For instance, great design, great user experience, and SSL certificate.

Next interesting talk, I have attended was titled «Troubleshoot Like A Pro: Common Errors and Solutions in WordPress» by Ravi Chahar (@ravichahar27), Founder of BloggingLove.com , Co-Organizer of WordCamp Delhi 2017 , Linkedin and Twitter Influencer.

He discussed the common errors and solutions in WordPress covering the following errors and their solutions:

* "White Screen of Death"
* "500 internal server error"
* "Syntax Error"
* "Locked out of the WordPress admin panel"
* "The login page keeps refreshing again and again"
* "Sidebar Shifting Error"
* "HTTP Error"
* "Broken Image Links"
* "Memory Exhausted Error"
* "403 Forbidden Error"
* "Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk Error"
* "This site ahead contains harmful programs error"


The next very interesting talk I was have attended was titled as «Making WordPress the First Building Block of your Entrepreneurial Journey» by Ashutosh Gaur (@iashutoshgaur), Co-Founder of FireMud FM, a serial entrepreneur and a developer.

His talk was focused on two major categories of entrepreneurs. First being, the entrepreneurs on the stage of beginning their journey and second the users who think that WordPress as a platform has its limitations.
He talked about his journey as an entrepreneur having built a platform for his online Startup that shall strengthen the fact that WordPress could empower your startup's product to become a solid foundation. He quoted that, "WordPress is a stage and we entrepreneurs play a role with our startups".
Later on, he talked about «The Hiccups of a startup», which is having limited technical knowledge. Further he added to this, «Being technologically handicapped should never be an excuse if you are a true entrepreneur. WordPress is there for you. Being a WordPress Entrepreneur is not a responsibility. It's an art. And the journey of entrepreneurship is a race. I had WordPress as my fuel and power.»

If you are stuck somewhere ask! «Help shall always be given to those who ask for it in WordPress community forums».

He further added that, «If you are an entrepreneur who is in the process of selecting a platform to build the product or the service provider who is attempting to get the leads or convince the clients on which platform to process with. WordPress is your first building block for your entrepreneurial path to achieve what you deserve.»

Then, next was lunch time.


Then, after the lunch my session took place. My talk was titled as "WordPress Migration All you need to know"

I talked about the Hassle-Free migration of a WordPress website. The main motif of this talk was to educate people that migrating a WordPress site could be a very easy process.

Migrating a WordPress website to another server isn't rocket science and it could be as easy as writing a blogpost. The talk began with educating about the database structure, DNS records and WP-CLI in brief. Later on, problems that are faced while migrating a WordPress site from one server to another server were discussed and how those can be resolved effectively. Then I talked about, how one can change the domain name of their WordPress installation.

Well «Technology presumes there is just one right way to do things, and there never is, ~ Pirsig said» . Similarly, there isn't just one way to migrate your WordPress website. Different tools and techniques to migrate a WordPress website exist. One can mistakenly hard-code a domain name in your code, which is a big problem. «Never ever ever ever hard-code a domain name in your code!!!!»

Later on, I have discussed the use of WP-CLI (A command-line interface to manage your WordPress installation) in WordPress migrations and why you should prefer WP-CLI to migrate your WordPress website.
Many people are not fond of terminal and black screens. They are actually scared of Black screens (terminal). So, the last section of the talk was meant to show how easy it could be to migrate a WordPress website using very simple commands using WP-CLI. You can actually do wonders with WP-CLI right from installing a WordPress installation to managing it.
The talk received a good amount of questions.

WordCamp Delhi 2017, Thanks for having my talk and it was great speaking at the conference.

Following was the first mention,

And the second,

And the third,

My slides can be seen at,

Glad to meet many like minded people and developers at the event.


Later, There was one interesting session, which got together #WomenInWordPress on one stage in a panel discussion. The panel discussion was titled as «Making the transition from a Freelancer to an Entrepreneur» hosting Priyanka Sachar (@twilightfairy) who was organizer of WordCamp India 2009, Tullika Kiran (@FreelancingWiz) who is founder of FreelancingWiz, Tseten Dolkar (@tibetanitech) who is founder of Tibetan I Tech and Savita Soni (@savitas) who is Business Head of WPoets.

After that, there was a surprise session, which was called «Kids In WordPress». This was a very small session presented by three school going kids and how their WordPress journey commenced and how far they have reached. Starting from Arvind Singh (@arvindsinghdev), a 16 year old, High school going kid, plugin developer and surprisingly the Co-organizer of «WordCamp Delhi 2017». Yes, you read it right. He was also one of the Co-Organizers of the event being at the age of 16. He told his story on how he started his WordPress career.

They say, all's well when end is well. The last talk of the day was «Growth hacking your WordPress blog – Traffic and monetisation.» by Blogging celebrity of India and Founder of ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agrawal (@denharsh). He is popularly known as Blog Scientist. The talk covered the techniques and ideas that are working in today’s date to grow the traffic and the money.
He quoted on not being your link on first page of search results that, «The best place to hide a dead body is in the second page of Google». He inspired the bloggers to use WordPress CMS for being easy to use feature and easy manageability.

He advised that, «Bloggers should use WordPress like a CMS & not just a blog». Later he added that, in order to retain users, Push notification comes into the picture. Push notifications are a modern blogger's tool. Later on, he mentioned different tools that are available to growth hack your WordPress website.

He ended his talk with a tip for WordCamp attendees: Feel the power of the community as WordPress powering more than 27% of the internet.

Here is his group picture.

Vineet also had a chance to have words with Harsh and received tips regarding internet marketing and website monetisation strategies.


Afterparty speaker dinner took place at Veda Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi having awesome food and classy aura. Here is the group picture.

All in all, it was an amazing event and it is great to meet such like-minded people and exchange knowledge regarding WordPress. Special thanks to the volunteers to making the conference successful. It was my second best WordCamp (Obviously after WordCamp Europe 2017.)

Here is the complete Photo Album of WordCamp Delhi 2017.

Feel free to contact us for more information about WordPress.
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