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What is nreach? Or how intelligent semantics can help your organization

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Some of you might remember that dkd Internet Service was part of an EU-funded project called ForgetIT. We lead a work package that had the task to evaluate the ideas of the project in an organizational context. To be more exact: how TYPO3 could be extended to work with the computational framework that would store data in an archival system. Precisely on how we could teach this machine what actually is our content using semantic annotation of text and concept detection in images.

As one of the outcomes of this project, we created several business models for others to follow. With cloud technologies maturing and being more available to the market, we decided to concentrate on putting one business model into action. We named our endeavor: nreach.io.


nreach System


The idea of nreach.io is to create a set of tools that would enable organizations and their content management systems to embrace the power of semantics and computer vision. The toolset we provide currently consists of 6 building blocks:

  • Concept detection in images (nreach-t3-vision)
  • Semantic annotation of text (nreach-t3-text)
  • Structured data (as in JSON-LD) according to the schema.org standards (nreach-t3-data)
  • Cloud-based API platform (nreach-API-Portal)
  • Knowledge discovery and storage
  • Analytics, AI, and machine learning

We will describe the above mentioned in a series of blog posts as we deliver the implementation of TYPO3 extensions step by step.

The first set of proof of concept extensions can be installed for TYPO3 v8 by following the readme under this link: http://nreach-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/README.html

Feel free to have a look at our Website or at our GitHub repositories. If you are interested in discussing participation or projects then contact me directly.


Home: http://www.nreach.io/

Github: https://github.com/nreach

Nreach API Portal: https://nreach.portal.azure-api.net/

Über den Autor

Olivier Dobberkau

Olivier Dobberkau is founder and CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH, and President of the TYPO3 Association. He has over 17 years of experience in new media and the internet.

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