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TYPO3 code sprint in Aarhus

On Wednesday evening Johnny and I (Timo) took the plane from Frankfurt to Billund to attend the TYPO3 code sprint in Aarhus (Denmark).

Boarding the planing

This time the code sprint was hosted by Systime, a Danish company that does the whole publishing process for school books with TYPO3.

After reaching Aarhus, we checked in at the hotel called „ritz“ which is located near the rail station in Aarhus and very close to the location of the code sprint.

Ritz Hotel



On the first day, we started at 9 am. At the Systime office, we had a nice and quiet location, with a big screen that showed the forger progress board. The focus of this code sprint was the stabilization for the upcoming LTS release of TYPO3 8. Mainly we worked on bugfixes for TYPO3 8 and for me, the current state looks very impressive.

In the evening there was the „PHP Jutland“ user group in the Systime office as well, with the following topics:

  • Optimizing the data handler and reference index (by Thomas Hohn)
  • Session Backends in TYPO3 (by Mads Lønne Jensen)
  • Fluid Standalone (by Claus Due)
  • Automating TYPO3 setup with Composer and typo3_console (by Helmut Hummel)


The talks gave an interesting overview into several TYPO3 topics.

After the talks, we had a dinner together with the other user group guests in the Systime company restaurant.

Dinner with style

After this time of the exchange, we spent a few additional hours working on the sprint topics.



The second day we again started at 9 with working on sprint topics.

After a productive day, we met at the other side of the office with other employees from Systime. While eating cake and having a few drinks we had the chance to talk about TYPO3 and other topics ;)

TYPO3 cake

After this, we proceeded with code sprint tasks.



On Saturday we started again at 9. Since some attendees had a longer journey we quit at 4 pm after a productive code sprint.



The TYPO3 code sprint „get ready for LTS“ hosted by Systime was a lot of fun. I think we had a productive time and really could get TYPO3 8 closer to being ready for the LTS release. I’ve recognized in every detail that Systime did a lot to make this time really great. Thanks for your hospitality! Looking forwards for 8 LTS in April!

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Timo Hund

Timo Hund works as a senior developer at dkd Internet Service GmbH. Over the last year he collected a lot of experiences with Apache Solr and Lucene in several IT projects.

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