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TYPO3 AMD & Conference Italy, Bologna

Getting there

Last week I had the opportunity to visit two combined TYPO3 events in Bologna Italy. Flight time to this mediaval City, that has been the place of the worlds first University, is about an hour. Bologna is strategically positioned along the main transport axes of italy connecting north with south and east with west.


On the first day

This day was offering two different events for TYPO3 folks:

  • Contribution Boot-Up Day
  • TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day (AMD)

I joined the Agency Meetup where the TYPO3 Marketing Team informed the participants about its past activities since the last meeeting. They also presented the Marketing colaterals for TYPO3 that can be downloaded from the TYPO3 Shop: http://www.typo3-shop.com/print.html in many languages.

After that Mathias Schreiber presented the newly founded TYPO3 GmbH and its offerings. Additionally he drew the picture of which direction TYPO3 will take feauture wise.

After the lunch break we brainstormed on how the networking within the TYPO3 Agencies in Italy can be improved. This was a fruitful discussion as we learned a lot of how the Italian TYPO3 Community is actually thinking.

One direct result was to create the #community-it chanel on TYPO3 Slack. Join slack via this form forger.typo3.org/slack and be in the chanel as soon as possible if you are interessted in italian community talk. (its a great way to improve your italian, too)

One Homework that was given to the participants was to look to organize a release party for the upcoming TYPO3 V8 in April next year.

The day was closed with a nice social dinner in a family style trattoria in Bolognas ancient city center. You can bet that we had great food and wine around. Thanks to the organizers for the nice evenning.


The second day 

On Saturday was conference day. Every one was there in the early morning when Rino Razzi officially welcomed the 30 attendees.

Being the President of the TYPO3 Association i held a presentation about how every one can improve his relation to the TYPO3 Community. 

The presentation can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/olivierdo/typo3-you

After this Mathias Schreiber held his presentation future of TYPO3 as many of the participants did not attend the Agency Meetup Day on Friday.

Following a coffee break Olly Hader gave a talk on "Web Application Security in TYPO3". Security is of great interesst and therefore the attendees listened very close to Olly. His presentation can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/ohader/h4ck1n6-web-application-security

Anja Leichsenring of TYPO3 GmbH followed with her presentaion about "Refactoring of legacy code with a unit test safety net". She explained very well on how a team can work on clean code even in legacy applications:

Slides: http://presentations.entwicklungshilfe.nrw/cleancode.html#/

Her talk is the last talk given in english.


Following you will find a list all the other talks held:


Title: L'accessibilità in TYPO3 8 dopo la T3UX16 by Abramo Tesoro

Slides: http://www.archicoop.it/fileadmin/Accessibilita/presentazione.html


Title: FluidTYPO3 Content Elements by Maurizio Morini

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/gammsystem/t3con16-italia-fluidtypo3-content-elements


Title: TYPO3 Themes - Inspiring People to share designs by Cristian Buja

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/cristianbuja/typo3-themes-66167245


Title: Ottimizzare le prestazioni di TYPO3 by Mauro Lorenzutt

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/webformat/ottimizzare-le-prestazioni-di-typo3


The conference ended with some farewell words by the conference organizers.

I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the dedication to TYPO3 of every attendee. I am sure we will see great events coming out of this groups of italian french. Bologna was a perfect location to meet.

Mille Grazie: Rino (Organization), Ivanno (Organization) and Samuelle (for the bus-ticket!) and to the local Sponsors: http://t3con.it/en/sponsors/


Website: http://t3con.it/en/

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Über den Autor

Olivier Dobberkau

Olivier Dobberkau is founder and CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH, and President of the TYPO3 Association. He has over 26 years of experience in new media and the internet.

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