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T3DD17: What is nreach?

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During this year TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD17) in Malmö, Schweden Johannes and I had the chance to present our work on nreach. This posting recaps parts of the presentation and our next possible steps for interested developers and agencies. You can directly go to the slides and videos or read this summarization.Which problems are solved by nreach?Finding the right information is still a difficult task:It's time-consuming and not efficientIt requires a great amount of knowledge onthe correct key wordsthe contextthe toolExtra: If the system knows what...


T3DD17: DevOps-Trilogy

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During the T3DD17 I had the chance to present 3 DevOps topics.«Pipeline as Code»«Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.»«Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly»«Pipeline as Code» was my first talk on configuration management, showing the benefits of a file-defined deployment pipelines - e.g. a Jenkinsfile with the "Jenkins 2" CI Server.Implementing these changes allows your pipeline configuration to:be reviewed, forked, iterated upon and auditedSupport complex CI/CD requirementsbe extended through shared librariesYou can find...


How we keep EXT:solr uptodate with the TYPO3 core

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This is a summary of my talk for the TYPO3 developer days in Malmö «How we keep EXT:solr up to date with the TYPO3 core».Our challengeTYPO3 8 LTS was announced to be released on the 4th April 2017. Our plan and challenge were to release our Apache Solr for TYPO3 extensions 2 days later. There are several side effects that are important for us to keep in mind:The TYPO3 core is moving forwards, especially shortly after the releaseEXT:solr is moving also especially before the releaseWe want to stay compatible to 7.6 while being ready for 8.7We have several...