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T3DD17: What is nreach?

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During this year TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD17) in Malmö, Schweden Johannes and I had the chance to present our work on nreach. This posting recaps parts of the presentation and our next possible steps for interested developers and agencies. You can directly go to the slides and videos or read this summarization.Which problems are solved by nreach?Finding the right information is still a difficult task:It's time-consuming and not efficientIt requires a great amount of knowledge onthe correct key wordsthe contextthe toolExtra: If the system knows what...


How we keep EXT:solr uptodate with the TYPO3 core

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This is a summary of my talk for the TYPO3 developer days in Malmö «How we keep EXT:solr up to date with the TYPO3 core».Our challengeTYPO3 8 LTS was announced to be released on the 4th April 2017. Our plan and challenge were to release our Apache Solr for TYPO3 extensions 2 days later. There are several side effects that are important for us to keep in mind:The TYPO3 core is moving forwards, especially shortly after the releaseEXT:solr is moving also especially before the releaseWe want to stay compatible to 7.6 while being ready for 8.7We have several...


What is nreach? Or how intelligent semantics can help your organization

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Some of you might remember that dkd Internet Service was part of an EU-funded project called ForgetIT. We lead a work package that had the task to evaluate the ideas of the project in an organizational context. To be more exact: how TYPO3 could be extended to work with the computational framework that would store data in an archival system. Precisely on how we could teach this machine what actually is our content using semantic annotation of text and concept detection in images.As one of the outcomes of this project, we created several business models for others to...


Organizational Memory as a Competitive Advantage

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Abstract: This article develops an approach to bring the beauty of human memory to organizational memory design. Designing the practices and processes of organizational memory can improve an organization's competitive position. The model of the organizational memory cube is proposed for a first classification to show the road to becoming a more data-driven organization through memory design.The Beauty of Human MemoryHuman remembering is one of the most powerful features of the human intellect. It gives individuals a chance to relate to the past and to the passing of...


The landscape of TYPO3 semantic extensions

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Last week we showed in a post how to enable the hidden feature in TYPO3. The support of this feature was severely restricted. In this post, we look at three vendor TYPO3-Extensions that support semantic annotation features. If you search for "semantic" or "" in the TER, you can find two extensions: "px_semantic" and "rte_schema". In addition, my colleague at dkd, Johannes Goslar, developed an "annotation" Extension as a part of his bachelor thesis and the work in the EU project ForgetIT with the topic "Semantics for the TYPO3 CMS".In...