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Autor: Peter Foerger

T3DD17: DevOps-Trilogy

During the T3DD17 I had the chance to present 3 DevOps topics.

  • «Pipeline as Code»
  • «Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.»
  • «Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly»

Speaker Peter Foerger at the TYPO3 Developer Days 2017

«Pipeline as Code» was my first talk on configuration management, showing the benefits of a file-defined deployment pipelines - e.g. a Jenkinsfile with the "Jenkins 2" CI Server.

Implementing these changes allows your pipeline configuration to:

  • be reviewed, forked, iterated upon and audited
  • Support complex CI/CD requirements
  • be extended through shared libraries

You can find the slides from this talk on Speakerdeck.

«Discuss. Plan. Code. Review. Test.» stressed the importance of 'Code Reviews' as an essential technique to improve code quality, foster communication across team members and share knowledge.

I kept going with a showcase of Phabricator, a suite of software development collaboration tools. Mostly used at dkd for doing Code Reviews and Source Control Management.

Slides to be found on Speakerdeck.

«Deployment Strategies – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly» completed the DevOps-Trilogy.

I covered a couple of anti-patterns which are indicators that your deployment workflow could be done better.

works on my machine

After summarizing Agile Commandments and well proven Best Practises I gave a short roundup of the most popular CI application stacks and deployment tools, like dkd's open source solution.

The talk finally and most importantly covered the different strategies required when your deployment target resides on a physical host or somewhere in a cloud infrastructure.

Slides have been published to Speakerdeck.

Feel free to have a look at my slides, our website or contact us for more information.

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Peter Foerger

DevOps Engineer at dkd Internet Service GmbH TYPO3 Certified Integrator TYPO3 Certified Developer.

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