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Solrfal Addon 2.1.1 released

Timo Hund

As a follow up of the releases of EXT:solr 3.1.1 and EXT:tika 2.0.0 we released version 2.1.1 of the solrfal add-on. This version requires EXT:solr 3.1.1 and supports TYPO3 6.2 LTS and 7.6 LTS


New in this release

  • Support of TYPO3 7.6 LTS
  • Test runner prepared for travis
  • Unified namespaces to use ApacheSolrForTypo3Solrfal
  • Bugfixes


What can be done with solrfal? 

Solrfal is a connector for TYPO3's FAL - File system Abstraction Layer - and Apache Solr for TYPO3. It allows you to extract the content of your files (by using Apache Tika and EXT:tika) and index them to your Solr server. The power of Apache Tika allows you to extract a huge set of file types (PDF, Microsoft Word & Excel, JPEG, MP3…).

How to Search Files with EXT:solr, EXT:solrfal & EXT:tika?

To integrate a file search in TYPO3 for EXT:solr you need 3 Components:

  • Apache Tika: Tika is available as a client standalone application, integrated into Solr (Solr Cell) and as a standalone Tika server. The advantage of the standalone Tika server is that it provides all the features of Tika and does not require to start a new Java process for each file meta data extraction. Compared to the Solr Cell handler Tika server additionally offers language detection from a file or string.

  • Apache Tika for TYPO3 Extension: The Tika extension, developed by Ingo Renner, provides the functionality to access Apache Tika in its app, server and Solr Cell forms.

  • TYPO3 Solr FAL Extension: Solrfal provides the connector between the File system Abstract Layer and EXT:solr and used EXT:tika to extract the data from files.


Setting up Apache Tika for TYPO3

In the next steps we will show you how to get started using a local Tika server, installing EXT:tika, and EXT:solrfal. Afterwards we will use them to index PDF files to Solr.

You can watch the video:

Dateien mit Solr in TYPO3 mit Solrfal und Tika durchsuchen.

Or follow the steps below:

Download and start a Tika server for development

Before you start make sure that Java is installed and TYPO3 is configured and running EXT:solr (Version 3.1.1).

Now download and install the Apache Tika server (Choose one of the mirrors from (Only for development context! In production context you should install it with your distribution and make sure the daemon is configured properly with init scripts etc.):

sudo su

mkdir -p /opt/tika

wget -O /opt/tika/tika-server-1.11.jar

adduser --system --no-create-home tika

chown tika:www-data /opt/tika/tika-server-1.11.jar

chmod 550 /opt/tika/tika-server-1.11.jar

java -jar /opt/tika/tika-server-1.11.jar

Setup Tika (Available in the TER)

  • Install EXT:tika version 2.0.0, enable the backend module and configure the path to tika-server.jar
  • Configure the EXT:tika through the extension manager to use the following tika server path: „/opt/tika/tika-server-1.11.jar“ and enable the new Tika backend module for the solr extension.
  • Check the reports module's status report and check if Solr and Tika reports are ok


Setup Solrfal (Available for EAP partners on only)

  • Install EXT:solrfal from the provided zip file.
  • Include the solrfal TypoScript template „Search - FAL File Indexing"
  • Enable file indexing in TYPO3 by setting „plugin.tx_solr.index.enableFileIndexing = 1"
  • Add the solrfal scheduler task


Add files to pages and index them

  • Add some PDF files to a page
  • Initialize the Index Queue and let the scheduler task process the queue
  • See the files in the fronted

Do you have feature requests, questions or want to get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in EXT:solr

  • Join our channel on
  • Become a sponsor and support the development of Apache Solr for TYPO3

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Timo Hund works as a senior developer at dkd Internet Service GmbH. Over the last year he collected a lot of experiences with Apache Solr and Lucene in several IT projects.

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