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Apache Solr for TYPO3 - What’s next 2018

With the release of EXT:solr 8, EXT:solrfal 5, EXT:solrfluidgrouping 1 and EXT:tika 3 we provided a lot of improvements at the beginning of 2018.

At the end of the last year, we asked you, what is important for you for Apache Solr for TYPO3 with a survey (http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3K311n0M0pp)

Now we put our heads together and created a draft of our roadmap this year. As always it depends on the financing what we are able to achieve.

By now we have the following ideas:

Q2 - Focus: Maintenance Tools

  • EXT:solr (8.1.0) maintenance release
  • EXT:solrfal (5.1.0) maintenance release
  • EXT:tika (3.1.0)
    • Preview of extraction in the backend for admins
  • Add-ons

    • Solr debug tools 1.0.0 (debug search results, queries and indexing)
    • Solr console 1.0.0 (allow to automate/script common maintenance tasks)
  • CLI tools for solr to be able to script maintenance tasks

    • Solr (initialize queue, reset errors, clear queue, clean index, ...)
    • Solrfal (initialize queue, reset errors, clear queue, ...)

Q3 - Focus: Solarium & Latest Apache Solr Version 

We want to migrate EXT:solr to use the solarium API. Beside that we want to support the latest version of Apache Solr (7.x)

  • Indexing Assistant: Simply the indexing configuration (depends on the financing)


Q4 - Focus: Get ready for 9 LTS

  • Provide a version that is usable with TYPO3 8 & 9 LTS



Thanks to our sponsors (https://www.typo3-solr.com/en/sponsors/our-sponsors/) and especially to our premium sponsors:


How to get involved

The further development is financed with our partners. If you want to support the development in 2018 and help us to reach these goals, it would be nice when you become an EB partner:

Call dkd +49 (0)69 - 247 52 18-0 to sign up for a partnership

Über den Autor

Timo Hund

Timo Hund works as a senior developer at dkd Internet Service GmbH. Over the last year he collected a lot of experiences with Apache Solr and Lucene in several IT projects.

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